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 I have worked with the Arizona strip BLM for two years now. My first year I worked on an a type 4 engine called the Tatra it is the biggest engine they have at the BLM office they have two of them one is a six seater and the other on is a two seater I worked on the six seater for my first season. My second year I was on Moki helitack so I got to work around the helicopter all day it was really sweet, we would usually fly in to the fire land pretty close to it, some of us would get out of the helicopter and go fight the fire and at the end of the day we would fly back home. I sent you four pictures (editor's note: I only posted the one with her actually in the photo here - cool shot!); one of the pictures in me standing close to a type 1 helicopter when it was filling up. another one is the type 1 helicopter flying right over me, and then there one a type 3 helicopter which is the bell 407 and that's the one I worked around all year it is filling its bucket up in the red hills golf course pond. and the next one is us flying over Havasupi looking at the fire.