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PILOT GROUND SCHOOL - 4TH QUARTER 2015                                                             "REAL" FAA Exam: "B" Day - Thu, 9 May; "A" Day: Fri, 10 May

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14/15 Mar

Boeing/Jeppesen Ab Initio Training Program Interest Sheet 
Overview of 4th Quarter; Introduction of Practice FAA Exam plan (3 "freebies;" 6 actual); 
Ch 7, WX Reports (Section A & B) - METARs, PIREPS, TAFs;

16/17 Mar  WX QuizCh 7, Sec B- FAs
18/21 Mar Some Cool Fighter Footage; Ch 7, Sec C - Graphic WX Products;  1st FREEBIE Practice FAA Exam due
22/23 Mar FAA Ch 7 Test - WX Reports (68 q's X 2 points = 136 possible); 
24/29 Mar

Review WX Test Results; Ch 8, Sec A - Landing Distance; Climb, Cruise & Engine Performance; Crosswind; Density Altitude; 2nd FREEBIE Practice FAA Exam due on the 24th; HQ INSPECTION ON 29th

 30/31 Mar

Finish Ch 8, Sec A. Density Altitude & Crosswind Charts; Takeoff Distance & Crosswind Charts; begin Sec C, Flight Computers; LE 200 Unit 1, Ch 1, Lesson 2, Importance of Listening

 1/4 Apr Finish Sec C; prepare for test next period; MIN DAY 4 Apr; 3rd Practice FAA Exam due (last freebie!)
 5/6 Apr PROMOTIONS (5th & 6th)!  Followed by Aircraft Performance Review
 7/8 Apr

FAA Exam, Chapter 8, Sec A & C - Performance Charts & X/C (53 q's X 2 pts = 106 possible)  
4th Practice FAA Exam due (actual score) 

 11/12 AprCh 8, Sec B - Intro to Weight & Balance; 
 13/14 Apr Continue with Weight & Balance - prepare for test
 15/18 Apr
 FAA Exam, Chapter 8, Sec B -Weight & Balance; 5th Practice FAA Exam due (actual score)
 19/20 Apr Ch 9, Sec A, Dead Reckoning (27 q's next period)
 21/22 Apr FAA Exam, Chapter 9, Sec A; 6th Practice FAA Exam due; NIDM Trip (take exam early)
 25/26 Apr Introduce Ch 9, Sec B & C, VORs & ADFs;  "D" Week starting Tuesday
 27/28 Apr

VOR Cheat Sheet 
C-124 Fog landing ; 28 & 29 - Color Guard Nationals
NO UNIFORMS THIS WEEK - get them ready for Awards next week;
Ch 9, Sec B, VOR Navigation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEOc5rgx3EQ

29 Apr/2 May Finish VORs & ADFs; Fly Simulator #3 - VOR; 7th Practice FAA Exam due
 3/4 May Ch 9, Sec C, ADF Navigation; Prepare for test; Video;  Simulator #3, VOR quiz due; VOR Exercise
 9-13 May  9th Practice FAA Exam due; Actual FAA Private Pilot Written Exam at Dixie State College Testing Center
16-17 May Orientation Flights - VOR (see LINK for flight plan)
18-19 May Hurricane Mesa Trip

 Predicting Performance (Takeoff Distance - table & graph); Interpolation
 Predicting Performance (Takeoff Distance - table & graph); Interpolation