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Pilot Ground School, 2nd Quarter, 2015

  Flight Suit Nametags: nametags4u.com          Flight Computer Booklet
18 OctReview test results; 4-a-day #4; T-Instruments; Altimeter PowerPoint
20 Oct
Latitude-longitude class exercise; Whicker Clicker Review #3; Civil War Reenactment tomorrow & Saturday
24 Oct MINIMUM DAY - satellite schools don't come to JROTC; Fly Simulator #2; 4-a-day #5Rocky Mountain ILS
26 Oct


28 Oct

 4-a-day #7Simulator # 3 Quiz Due; Whicker Clicker: Wake turbulence; or try this video (start about 3 minutes in)

1 NovSew-a-thon & Free Haircuts in JROTC Lobby; Stability (Ch 3, Sec B), Stalls; Spins;  4-a-day #5 (requires ILS handout)
3 Nov Substitute: Dr Snow (Col W on Titan Drill Meet Trip)
7 Nov

4 Forces;  (finish Ch 3, Sec A); Drag, Wind Tunnels; Planforms, Angle of Incidence; Flaps; Drag
4-a-day #6 Ch 3, Sec C; Whicker Clicker on Aerodynamics; Finish up Chapter 3; Aviation News

9 NovAir Force Simulator available (TSgt Lacy Johnson)  Stability (Ch 3, Sec B); 
11 Nov G-forces; VETERAN'S DAY!  NELLIS AFB AIRSHOW TOMORROW!  Extra Credit, plus the Cadet Staff Photo will be taken there at the end of the show.
15 Nov Finalize Ch 3, Maneuvering Aerodynamics
Thu, 17 Nov FAA Test, Ch 3Aerodynamics Review Activity; Dr. Snow substitutes
Mon, 21 Nov 4-a-day #6 (True Heading);  Begin Chapter 4 Ch 4, Sec A:  Safety of Flight
23-24 Nov THANKSGIVING BREAK - No School

28 Nov

Ch 4, Sec B; Airports (traffic pattern discussion and video from ERAU) 

Review Test;  4-a-day #9; Introduce Flight Planning Exercise; Homework: Read Ch 4 Sec C

30 Nov Flight Planning Exercise
2 Dec Finish Flight Planning Exercise; VFR Sectional Quiz
6 Dec

 Start & Finish Ch 4, Sec C; Discuss Flight Levels; 3 Aeronautical Charts Symbols; Runway Safety video

8 Dec

  Santa's Flight; JROTC Christmas Party Tomorrow!

12 Dec  FAA Test, Ch 4, Sec A & C (62 questions); 
14 Dec  
 16 Dec 

AIRPORT TOUR:  Bring a sack lunch!  Depart at the bell for the ARFF


 20 Dec FAA Test, Ch 4, Sec C
  Field trip to new Hospital Helicopter; Nate Porter, 435-251-1000 4-a-day #10;
  Tour of SkyWest HQ; Wayne Wignall;
  Corporate Jet Simulator; Mark Gubler, 632-1279

Fly with Eagles ; Ch 9, Sec A; Whicker Clicker on Flight Computer; 

Multi-Part Flight Computer Problems

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