Welcome to Dixie Air Force JROTC


To pay for the Class Fees, Military Ball, or any other fee:

1.     Click to MySchoolFees.com

2.     Select GUEST (at the VERY bottom of the page - don't bother reading the top of the page, as it'll just confuse you!  GO DIRECTLY TO THE BOTTOM LINE)


4. Select JROTC 

5. Scroll down to Mil Ball - choose either Swiss Steak or Chicken Cordon Bleu @ $30/person (NOTE: $50/cadet couple discount is only available to cadets and does not apply to adults)

6.   Enter credit card info.  You will not receive an actual "ticket" but will show up on the guest list at the door.

7.   THANKS! 


To pay class fees: 

If you are from Dixie High (if from other schools, you must pay JROTC fees in person at the DHS Finance Office):

1.       Login to MySchoolFees.com

2.       Select NEW USER REGISTRATION (unless you've previously registered; in that case, just SIGN IN using your username and password)

3.       Select UTAH, then WASHINGTON COUNTY, then DIXIE HIGH SCHOOL, then ADD STUDENT TO YOUR ACCOUNT (or choose your student if already listed)

4.       Enter your student’s school ID #

5.       Select JROTC; then you'll need to choose AEROSPACE SCIENCE if you child is in the regular JROTC class; MANAGEMENT CLASS if they are enrolled in it as their ONLY JROTC class; and PILOT GROUND SCHOOL if they are enrolled in that class (it is possible to be enrolled in more than one JROTC class, in which case, the class fee will need to be paid for each class, with the exception of the Management class, which does not have a fee if it is the ONLY JROTC class a student is enrolled in).  Select SUMMER CAMP if your child is attending Summer Camp. 

6.       You will receive an immediate receipt by email.

Once registered, the next time you use MySchoolFees.com your email address and password will allow you to re-enter the site.