Welcome to Dixie Air Force JROTC

Pilot Ground School, 1st Quarter 2015   When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.  Da Vinci, Leonardo

 Severe Pilot Shortage

 COURSE DISCLOSURE       Free Flight Magazine   Apply for a flight scholarship JULY
Boeing's New Ab Initio Program

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Extra Credit:  FAA Medical Exam         
Communication - non verbals (Dog gone funny); Phyco on door: Cool Fighter Jets
16 Aug  Video; Introductions; issue books, cubby holes for books; intro to (CPS)(Chapter1 Jeppesen Private Pilot)
20 Aug Video;  measuring exercise; distance with a protractor; flying a small airplane video; Intro to sUAS: intro to phonetic alphabet using radios  
22 Aug Aviation Career reports (50 pts); Uniform issue (returning cadets); licensing;  IACRA - How to apply for a student pilot license 
26 Aug Military time; US Naval Observatory; bus handout; medical exam process using MedXpress (video); duration;  disqualifying conditions; new law regarding 3rd Class Medicals (Highlights 2017) 
28 AugMake up presentations in morning class; STARs; Time Zones discussion; introducing the E6B flight computer
30 AugPhonetic Alphabet; Military Time; Time Zones; Aircraft parts: intro to simulators and cockpit layout (Chapter 2 Jeppesen Private Pilot)
4 Sep
Time Zones /aircraft parts quiz;  Intro to Human Factors  
6 Sep Unmanned Aerial Systems
10 Sep Star Gazing (sub); Airplane systems (chapter 2): video on auto engines:   how jet engines work video
12 Sep
Flight instruments
16 SepHow to measure a course; Course/Heading/Lat-Long/Distance Exercise; birthplace lat-long contest 
18 Sep

Chapter 1:  Intro to textbook use (using brown highlights for emphasis; summary checklist); Aircraft categories and classes;  NOTETAKER

20 SepV speeds; chapter 2 assessment 
24 Sep

 Substitutes; Jeppesen video and simulator practice

26 Sep

Runway/Compass Headings - Rwy clicker exercise and quiz Name That Runway!;

30 Sep  Review - simulator time; Test; Homework Due Wed 4 Oct (get your FTN #) by creating a new account
 2 Oct
 V-speeds; gyroscopes; Magnetic Variation & Deviation; Magnetic Compass Errors (see handout); Parts of an airplane w/Quiz; Simulator #1 Quiz Due  
 4 Oct
8 Oct SIMULATOR #1 QUIZ due Intro to Flight Instruments (Video - Aviation 101); Basic T Instruments; Pitot Static System; Compass &  Gyroscopic  Instruments (Aviatiion 101); Bearings; Standard Day; Lapse Rate; AWOS
 2nd Simulator Quiz due
10 OctAltitudes (start video at 1:10) & Altimeters; 4-a-day #3 (except 1st period Thu - they've already had this 4-a-day, so give them 4-a-day #4 below) 
14 Oct   
17  Oct
 FALL BREAK! No School 
   Aircraft Systems (read Sec A & B before class); EngineAileronElevator 4-cycle engine quiz; Carburetor; Finish Aircraft Systems; Engine Video 

9-11 Discussion; transponders; ; Ch 2; Hazardous Attitudes4-a-day #5Rocky Mountain ILS; G1000 & Conclusion video - Aviation 101; E6B quiz on time/distance/speed


 Dual ignition; propellers; oil & fuel systems; Latitude-Longitude on map; how to determine bearing; Comm/Nav boxesFAA Test, Ch 2 Sec C, Flight Instruments
  Review contest for flight simulator software
  Altimeters & Altitudes; 
 Hurricane Airport Safety Brief (extra credit)
  FAA Exam, Ch 2, Sec C (55 questions)
  LAST DAY OF QUARTER; catch up on missing assignments & simulators
  FALL BREAK  - www.nametags4u.com   Aircraft Systems (read Sec A & B before class); EngineAileronElevator 4-cycle engine quiz; Carburetor; Finish Aircraft Systems; Engine Video 
 Land Where?Fighter Pilot; Air Traffic ControllersATC Part 24-a-day #74-a-day #6;  Wake turbulence;