Welcome to Dixie Air Force JROTC

Pilot Ground School, 2nd Quarter, 2015

  Flight Suit Nametags: nametags4u.com          Flight Computer Booklet
15 OctReview test results; T-Instruments; Altimeter PowerPoint
17 Oct
Latitude-longitude class exercise; Clicker Review #3; 
19 Oct

 Stability (Ch 3, Sec B), Stalls; Spins

 4 Forces;  (finish Ch 3, Sec A); Drag, Wind Tunnels; Angle of Incidence; Flaps; Drag
Ch 3, Sec C; Clicker on Aerodynamics; Finish up Chapter 3

23 Oct

 Review of chapter 3; Wing stall video; Wake turbulence video

25 Oct

 Chapter 3 test and review;Propeller tendencies like P Factor video

29 Oct
 Chapter 4
3 Nov Chapter 4 cont
7 Nov

Chapter 4 Ch 4, Sec B; Airports

9 NovOrientation flight prep,Flight computer practice, Pre-flight video
13 Nov Air Space and Sectional Chart review, Traffic Pattern review video
15 Nov Test, Test review
17 Nov Airspace review and Quiz
21 Nov Jeppesen Video: Homework read Ch 4 Sec C
23-24 Nov THANKSGIVING BREAK - No School

28 Nov

Review Test;  Introduce Flight Planning Exercise

30 Nov Flight Planning Exercise
4 Dec Finish Flight Planning Exercise; VFR Sectional Quiz
6 Dec

 Start & Finish Ch 4, Sec C; Discuss Flight Levels; 3 Aeronautical Charts Symbols; Runway Safety video

8 Dec


12 Dec  PTS - now ACS (Airman Certification Standards)
14 Dec  Make up - review
 18 Dec 

Chapter 4 Test and review

  tbd Field trip to new Hospital Helicopter; Nate Porter, 435-251-1000 4-a-day #10;
  tbd Tour of SkyWest HQ; Wayne Wignall;
  tbd Corporate Jet Simulator; Mark Gubler, 632-1279

Fly with Eagles ; Ch 9, Sec A; Clicker on Flight Computer; 

Multi-Part Flight Computer Problems