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If you want to request AFJROTC for a function to include our Color Guard - Please Follow This Link

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Color Guard Schedule
(for events requiring presentation or posting of colors)

DMS Flag Detail


 Meet the Cadre

Lt Col KO Field
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI)
Teaches pilot, ground school, and management classes
Lead cadre for:
Marksmanship Team
Cyberspace Team
Rocketry Team

Maj Ricky Martin
Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI)
Teaches Aerospace Science and Leadership Education                     Lead cadre for:
Raiders (PT) Team
Colors Presentation Requests        Saber Team

SMSgt Kevin Robinson
Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI)
Teaches Aerospace Science and Leadership Education
Lead cadre for:
Drill Team




Important Starving Student Card Payment Information

Paper SSCs are $25. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, or Venmo. 

Electronic SSCs are $30. A credit card is the ONLY acceptable method of payment. Venmo cannot be accepted for this type of SSC. 

Fundraiser end-date:  26 Aug
You may continue to sell after
19 Aug

PT for A-Day
Wear exercise clothing

Fly Buy 
Opening date 6 September


  19 Aug at 1300
First Marksmanship Team Meeting


Mon, 22 Aug Cadet Staff Meeting



Wed/Thur 24-25 Aug
Uniform Inspection for returning cadets ONLY

If your uniform doesn't fit, just bring it in

Wed, 24 Aug 1515 to 1600
Drill team meeting/party
if you want to join one of the drill teams, this event is for you!

Note: this is the same sign-up link as was used at the end of school. If you signed up before you're good.


Friday, 2 Sept

2030-2200 (8:30 pm to 10:00 pm)
AFJROTC Pool Party!

Families welcome, food provided



Bryce Canyon Stargazing/Camping/Hiking

8-9 Sept
 open for all cadets
 Class Fee must be paid or speak with Lt Col Field prior to trip
Itinerary (abbreviated)
Depart Dixie HS 1215 on 8 Sept
do fun stuff and eat well
Return at 1730 (5:30 PM) on 9th

Help set up Field of Flags Service
9 Sept 1730
sign up coming soon
10 Sept Honoring First Responders Flag Ceremony
0900 show
10 Sept UTU Football Game
Friends and Family can help - click here to see sign up for details
15-17 Sept Rodeo - volunteer opportunity
more to follow

 National Awards Ceremony Photo Album 



Devil Pups Blog



2022-23 Booster Welcome Letter 



Classroom Procedures

Cadet Guide

Cadet Code 

Ribbon Chart 

Award/Ribbon Descriptions 

Belts, Ribbons, Ranks, & Shoes 

30-step drill sequence manual

PFT Percentile Charts

 PFT Instructions




Uniform Grade Policy
On first occurrence: If cadets are not wearing a uniform but are wearing their PT shirt, they will earn a 60% on inspection day. If they are not wearing a uniform or PT shirt, they will earn a 50% on inspection day if within grooming standards. Cadets can bring this grade up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day.
On second and future occurrence: Cadets not in proper uniform will earn a "zero" grade. This can be made up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day. 


PT Grade Policy

Cadets who do not come to class on a scheduled PT day can make up their grade by performing 30 minutes of physical exercise on their own at home and bringing in a note (or email) signed by their parent or guardian explaining what their 30 minutes of exercise consisted of.   



FAA motto: "We're not happy, until you're not happy".

Cadet Staff Meeting
 Mon, 14 Feb @ 1530
Aviation Club
 Mon,  14 Feb @ 1530

Cadet Staff Meeting
 Mon, 14 Feb @ 1530
Aviation Club
 Mon,  14 Feb @ 1530