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 "Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy."

                        -- Jefferson Bethke  

PT Mon, 22 Nov (B Day) 
Thanksgiving Break
Wed, 24 Nov through Mon, 29 Nov 
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

 Drill Teams:
No practice Thanksgiving week

Drill Down Warrior of the Week: 

Next drill meet
Taylorsville, Utah  22 Jan 2022

Cyber Patriot practice
1230, Fri 3 Dec
Raiders Team practice
1245-1400, Fri 3 Dec 
(Please note new start/end times for practice)
Next competition
Durango HS, Nevada Sat, 19 Feb
JROTC Christmas Party
Sat, 18 December 1800-2000
Sign-up deadline:  8 December COB



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Ribbon Chart 

Belts, Ribbons, Ranks, & Shoes 

30-step drill sequence manual




Uniform Grade Policy
If cadets are not wearing a uniform but are wearing their PT shirt, they will earn a 60% on inspection day. If they are not wearing a uniform or PT shirt, they will earn a 50% on inspection day. Cadets can bring these grades up by wearing a uniform on a non-inspection day.


PT Grade Policy
Cadets who do not come to class on a scheduled PT day can make up their grade by performing 30 minutes of physical exercise on their own at home and bringing in a note signed by their parent or guardian explaining what their 30 minutes of exercise consisted of.