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Pilot Ground School - 3rd Quarter 2017    
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5 Jan

 Sectional review and Airspace (Part 107 Airspace video)

9 Jan   Chapter 5 intro
11 Jan
Chapter 5 cont

16 Jan

 Review Classes E, F & G and Special Use - quiz
18 Jan
Radio Procedures and Practice - practical exercise
22 JanGuest speaker - Cole Cutner with Flight Aware
24 JanJeppeson Stage I exam
26 Jan Stage exam review - comms practical exercise
30 Jan Capt Harris - rotary wing; Intro to wx
1 Feb

Pilot lessonsViolating Airspace; Video on Communications, Who Who Where What

 Wx chapter 6

5 Feb Wx chapter 6 cont; NOTAMS & NOTAM Search

7 Feb

Communications exercise; Radius of Action, or: "BINGO FUEL" calculations

9 FebGuest lecturer Dr Snow - Weather Hazards and web reference pages
13 Feb  Acronymn Quiz,
 Winds graphic displayContinue with WX; Microburst LIVE!  Delta 191 ; top 5 micro bursts; review flight computer functions
15 FebMaj Don Richardson - AC-130 and military flying; review weather
20 Feb Ch 6, Sec B, WX Patterns; PowerPoint; Cloud Matching Game
22 Feb Review - ASA PPL oral guide

26 Feb

Ch 6, Sec C.

28 Feb Ch 6 Test
2 Mar
 Sign up for FAA Online Practice Tests; Ch 7, Sec A, WX Forecasting
6 Mar Flight computer review - practice video; Progress Test on Flight Computer
tb Ch 7, Sec B, Printed WX Reports

Ch 7, Sec C & D, Graphic WX Products and Sources of WX Info 

Private Pilot Sim Lesson #2 due - Steep Turns; FAA Test, Ch 7, WX Data (Sec A,B,C,D - 68 's)

8 Mar
 Make-up Day
Mon-Fri, 12-1 Mar
Mon/Tue 17-18 Mar 
  4-a-day #144-a-day #15;
 Interesting Videos:

 STOL comp; Tugs will soon be obsolete; Chinese bat flyers; Glider connection 
St George Airport LayoutFuture AirspaceSonic Booms;